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Assessment of the leased space utilization

Analysis of the building in terms of services, transport accessibility, space utilization and technical level (such as low-voltage distribution networks) and so on.


In the event there is no electronic information, we provide the space surveying.

Space planning

The layout studies according to specific number of persons, individual departments and how they are linked. Proposals for the design of the closed concept and large sized offices, reception areas, meeting rooms and technical facilities (copiers, storage rooms, servers, etc.), kitchenettes and areas for informal meetings, the so-called “break areas”. Defining of the solid and glass-filled partitions, colour coding of individual areas according to departments or the functional use of the area. A proper spatial layout and sufficient separation is essential for the healthy, comfortable and properly functioning environment (especially with the open space concept design).

Supporting material for carrying out structural modifications

The general basis for the redesign of structural changes. An unquestionably important document about the resulting variant of the client’s specifications. In addition to the final disposition, there are precisely defined types of partitions, acoustic cross talks, types of floor coverings, exact positions of floor sockets, the positions of cables for any design of illumination, the position of special receptacles required by the client, different ceilings (such as acoustic ceiling in the space above the “break area”, etc). Furthermore, it includes the requirements for the preparation of construction for the AV equipment, the intake of CTA, requirements for the readiness of the building server room and other specific tasks. Thanks to this documentation we can prevent many misunderstandings, extra costs and prolonged schedules.

Architectural and creative designs

Design of entrance areas, design of the reception desk, design and colour matching of all the used materials, design of conference rooms, designed illumination in the specific areas, proposed furnishing of kitchenettes and informal break areas with the designed furniture. Presentation of these proposals by means of 3-D visualization.

Design and selection of standardized furniture elements

Discussing the client’s requirements and needs, professional presentation of all elements (tables, storage systems, seating furniture, office accessories, samples of products and implementation of standard work area).

The interior project

Based on the approved designs during the study phase, we will prepare the interior project which contains the following sections:

Technical and accompanying report

Specification of elements

Technical drawings of standard furniture

Technical drawings of floor coverings (indicating the type of coverings, their dimensions, treatments and cross over moulding)

Technical drawings of partitions (the scheme and diagram of individual mobile glass-filled walls, separation of panels, doors, window blinds, etc.)

Drawings of non-standard furniture (detailed drawings and description of materials with non-standard features, such as reception desk, wardrobe cabinets, built-in cabinets, kitchen cabinets, wall coverings and so on)

Technical drawing of the wall colours

Coordination drawing

Implementation of the construction phase

We perform all construction work from demolition, all the way to the installation of new drywall partitions, ceilings, installation of electrical cables and plumbing work during the installation of new kitchenettes, etc.

Delivery of floor coverings

Delivery of mobile partitions

Delivery of non-standard interiors

Delivery of standard furniture

Preparation of relocation plans and moving

Design and planting of interior greenery